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The rules/Intent of Session

Posted on September 12, 2011 at 10:45 PM

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Thank you for your input and opinions.. I do not intend to have this forum become a battleground. I have made every attempt on this website to explain rules/requirements.  Please use the "contact us" form for further inquiries or suggestions.  I am ALWAYS open to suggestions.... 



NOTICE:  TOPIC WILL BE LOCKED AFTER THIS POST Subject is closed. Any new topics in this regard will be deleted.



I will clarify one final time. ALL the rules and protection have been put in place over a 4 year period. At this time... they will remain in place. I believe a lot pf people simple do not understand the "mission statement"



This session is somewhat unique in FSX. If you are interested in Carrier operations, you may find this a  fun place to test your skills or learn new ones. This is a group of pilots, like yourself, who share an interest in naval carrier operations. Here you will find other pilots with various skill levels, willing to share knowledge. We hope you will share the decks with a great bunch of pilots, from around the world, that fly together in a "team" spirit. 


This is a semi-pro session, dedicated to carrier operations ONLY.

Respect of others... is a must.




Age Limit of 16+ was put in place for SEVERAL reasons... mostly due to abuse and the total lack of respect of the majority of younger folks. I am just burned out trying to babysit.. to find the one or two younger guys that may come upon our session.  There are several that are still on probation and doing fine.. some have moved on.. and some have been asked to leave or been banned..after many many many warnings....over a reasonable period. However, this rule has eliminated a large chunk of having to "babysit" the channel. It's NOT about "realism" etc.. etc.. it's about RESPECT and sharing a mutual interest in what we do in the session..This applies to ANY age group.



Love it or hate it... the bottom line... for now.. it IS WHAT IT IS.   Will it change ?.. possibly... and hopefully for the better. This is NOT the only session that is locked down.. uses teamspeak.. or has rules in place.  Believe me guys.. besides my experience.. I DO visit other sites... and talk to other Hosts and groups. Each of us have a varying degree of "policing" to do. 



I do this for FREE.. and spend my own time and money to do so.. by MY choice... ALSO....There have been NUMEROUS other members that have contributed greatly to what this session has become (Thank you all). It doesn't matter to me if it's just me flying or 100 people flying... This is NOT a popularity contest... it simply IS what it IS.This IS MY hobby.. I cannot give you the number of pilots whom have flown with us...(I quit accepting friends after about 500+ nicks). I can tell you that most have enjoyed the session .. learned.. or taught others.. and moved on to other interests.... All quite normal for this media.. Quite a few are now hosting their own sessions/sites. Which is GREAT!  It's not perfect.. but I still feel it is still one of the better respected sessions in FSX....and we certainly offer a lot of other things others do not. 



It is my intention to maintain the above mission statement and  keep it that way.

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BY: SandPro Site Owner

IF.. you have trouble understanding any of the rules/requirements/intent of the session,  please search this website..





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