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AI Carrier2 Ops - Update

Posted on May 5, 2011 at 6:53 PM

Just to update this blog.

This session is hosted 24/7 on a dedicated XP server. I also run a BOT to help administrate the session. As yo also are aware, I also provide TeamSpeak for all our communications.   PLEASE, review TeamSpeak usage.  I also might point out that many of you are using teamspeak to see who is on.... May I recommend simply going to this web sites home page to check to see who's on. It is quicker and will keep the posts a little cleaner in TeamSpeak.. As I DO stay logged in to monitor for connection issues.

That being said.. IF you log into TeamSpeak.. and see me marked "AWAY" .. that is what it means.. I am back to work (normally 6-7 days a week) and unfortunately... not flying as much as in the past.   That doesn't mean you can't fly and enjoy the session.

As many of you are aware, not as many people fly in the session... I am aware that my changing the rules and attempting to clean up the session is the issue here.  Many of you may disagree with this. I stand by my decisions on that point. This session is about RESPECT... that's the bottom line. It will take a while to build it back up... that's OK.. I've been there done that, several times over the past 4 years.   I may relax the age limit shortly, with some kind of verification to weed out the trouble makers.. and still allow those  folks that want to learn and behave themselves accordingly.   The bottom line.. until I have enough active administrators who chip in to help on this issue, this will be a slow process. I will simply not have the time to teach everyone. Also the website is designed for assistance on most points.. IF... people will use it.

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