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MP Intermittent Session Issues

Posted on September 6, 2015 at 10:05 PM

It's been a while since I have posted here.... Thought I would bring folks somewhat up to date about issues in a MP session.

After a discussion with Blue... I decided it was time to present a few concepts and bring everyone up to date.

A little incite to the issue: I really haven't see any difference at the server end. Of course, a major factor is tryng to keep every one "in sync" around the world with different computers and internet connections. One of issues from the past ... if someone is using Satellite and or WIFI to connect to the session... this can/will also cause such drop outs due to remaining out of sync with everyone else. This can/will affect other players, even though they are connected direct with high speed service.

What I am finding now, when something like this happens, it appears to be due to a new aircraft flying in the session that is taking up resources at other user(s) end. There have been several new aircraft released lately (with more in the works)... I suspect that is/was causing the issue. As these new aircraft are becoming more complicated, they are requiring more resources, etc. It really makes a difference in mutil-player as to how much load is being induced in the session... based on how it was modeled, etc.

[A little rant here.... In my humble opinion, it appears to me some of the manufactures are making GREAT aircraft .. however, they may be putting emphasis in on Single player mode as they rush new models out the door.... and less to the impact it may be causing in Multiplayer mode. I am sure it is not initial ... just makes sense marketing wise.. as there is NOT near the amount of MP users as SP users. It only takes one of these in the session to cause issues for everyone.]

What that all means... although the server will normally not crash... there is a lot of extra data being sent to all players to keep aircraft "in sync"...even with other players connected via Hi Speed broadband, etc. Individual players may not be able to handle this extra data.. thus are being disconnected. Remember the server is 400dn/300up it can handle the load. Unfortunately, it passes that data to everyone else.

We just need to test them when they are released.

If. I am on line at the time of this type of issue, I can look a the amount of data packets being generated and possible identify the issue with a particular aircraft.

IF, I AM NOT flying... POKE ME or give me a SHOUT. I do monitor the session all day. Maybe, we can catch what is going on.

Bottom line. ...The specs on the server w/speed and bandwidth will normally not be affected or cause this type of issue ... However, it can cause issues with the other players on line.

(Exception,... Dino's S3B Viking will totally crash the server. I have worked w/Dino and ,as of yet, found why this happens.)

A note here: It is also not only new aircraft ... This is also true as we see more and more scenery and other add on programs coming along to enhance our experience. Thanks to a lot of talented folks out there. Jjust look at TacPack and how great it works... and how many object is tracks.... add to that the new ways to induce more objects.. CCP, [email protected], LivingWorld etc. Thanks to these developers we have moved way beyond FSX original design. THAT IS A GOOD THING. Along with this tremendous improvement to our flying experience... we are bound to incur some bumps as the limits are pushed. There is an extreme amount of data processed in a multiplayer session and it is only gong to get worse. We will find the "balance" at some point. This is also true with FSX Steam, P3D and others in MP. I never even imagined we would be doing the things in MP flight sim, as we are today.

The reason you see so many small virtual military groups...is simply to overcome the downside of the MP environment in FSX. So, you know... I do not take that position on my server... We fly with any military aircraft (TacPack enabled or not) in our normal session.... this is contrary to keeping it simple in FSX. Unfortunately, that means we occasionally have "hiccups." We do, however, set certain aircraft when we a doing special event... to avoid the issues above. Just the nature of FSX.. which I still fell is the best suited for what we are trying to accomplish with the session. I do have and fly all the other ones.... however... I have not, as of yet, found any that works any better.

After hosting this session for some 7 years and watching the growth of flight sim....this also explains why we normally do not have the normal 18-20 players in the session everyday. We all use to all fly the the same default F18 or Dino's aircraft.... without all the new "frills". I have also opened up the server to fly anywhere in the world and not limit it to "Carrier Ops Only... to help relieve some of the current issues. There are so many aircraft and textures out there... I used to limit which aircraft and textures we could fly in the session. I may have to eventually go back to that to find a better balance, if this issue gets any worse. My goal has always been set to provide a "reliable" safe environment for which folks can learn and enjoy. (oops.. yeah had to put a age limit also... bummer.) Expense wise... I wrestle with this all the time... is it all worth it or should I make changes... (example.. we could fly certain aircraft and do certain missions on certain days, etc.) It has always been a very "unique" session to this point. Somewhere in the back of my head, I still feel the session is where it should be... it indeed does test the limits of the current MP world, in my opinion. Basically... if anything works in th

is session... it will work anywhere. Balance... balance... oh, the challenges.


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